UK Small Cap Growth Fund

Expert and passionate

Our dedicated team specialises in listed UK Smaller Companies, defined as companies with market capitalisations of under c.£2bn. We are excited about the growth and opportunities in the UK Smaller Companies sector and have a robust process in diligently selecting companies with strong growth potential.

We pride ourselves on our active approach to research, meeting company management teams as much as possible across a wide range of sectors. The team carried out over 300 company meetings in the twelve months to 30 September 2022.

This level of insight helps us establish an in-depth understanding of the investment landscape and the factors and trends impacting companies.

Our investment philosophy

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Our investment process

We identify companies that have the potential to grow earnings and cashflows at an above average rate of 15% plus per annum for a minimum of five years, and ideally much longer.

Once we have found a growth company, we have three key investment characteristics:

  • Exceptional management team with meaningful equity shareholdings
  • Strong and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Predictable and strong cash generation

Growing companies that possess all three attributes can re-invest self-generated cash at a high level of return. It is this cycle that delivers the most consistent and attractive growth in earnings. In our experience, exceptional management teams which consistently make excellent long-term capital allocation decisions are essential.

Fund Literature

Whitman launched the WS Whitman UK Small Cap Growth Fund in December 2020. All official fund documentation can be found below and all application forms here.
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