whitman aim inheritance tax portfolio service

The Whitman AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service is a discretionary managed portfolio of AIM traded companies held in segregated portfolios. The team invest in companies that are expected to qualify for Business Property Relief (BPR). BPR is a relief by which investment in certain types of businesses and business assets can receive 100% relief from Inheritance Tax after being held for just two years, provided they are held at the time of death.

Comparing the impact of Inheritance Tax after two years

Inheritance Tax Impact on Non-AIM IHT Portfolio Whitman AIM IHT Portfolio on Death
Investment £100,000 £100,000
Value of investment after two years, assuming growth of 8% pa. before fees £116,986 £116,986
Whitman 1.5% +VAT Annual Management Charge over two years £3,847 £3,847
Net value of investment after two years £113,139 £113,139
Amount lost through 40% inheritance tax on death £45,756 £0
Value of portfolio passed on to beneficiaries £67,883 £113,138
DISCLAIMER: Past or current performance is not an indicator of future performance, and all the numbers quoted above are for illustrative purposes only.

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